AG Warnke

Microbiological pre-analysis

The course of microbiological diagnosis is divided in three steps, i.e.

  • (i) pre-analysis,
  • (ii) analysis, and
  • (iii) post-analysis.

Optimum performance of the later steps is based on the performance of the previous ones. Thus, if the pre-analytical step is performed with suboptimum quality, even the highest standards of laboratory quality management cannot compensate the initial flaws.

Therefore, my group research is focused especially on this initial step of sample acquisition to improve the overall quality of microbiological diagnosis.

Applied microbiology and hygiene

Medical devices are used in various clinical settings.

Often indispensable, they are a major risk factor for nosocomial infections by facilitating translocation and invasion of pathogens. In my research group, we are focused on the handling of medical devices and treatment procedures before their designated usage or re-usage, respectively, to improve the safety of patients.