Labmeeting (intern)

Hi everybody,

We have decided to continue our Wednesday seminar series until we join again with the Microbiology Department of the Natural Science Faculty beginning of next winter semester.

The seminars will start at 8:30 a.m. in our Institute library.

Everybody should give only a very brief introduction and rather spend the maximum time on results, and more important, troubleshooting (20 minutes total time, discussion open).

People who just started in the lab should explain their project in more detail. People about to leave the lab should give a sort of final summary talk, which allows us to discuss the assembled data. The schedule is flexible and positions can be switched in your own responsibility. The talks should be given in English. All lab technicians and rotation students are welcome to attend. We can discuss certain organizational stuff after the talks.

I am looking forward to "hot" scientific discussions.


Informations Lab-Meeting (intern)

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kreikemeyer

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